With our machines and special tools, we are able to manufacture all parts for any pendulum clock.

Especially with our hobbing machine Mikron 79 and our hobbmillingcutterset, we can make all the gears with high precision.

Even spare parts for your machines and equipment we can produce our selves.


Copy milling a spoked wheel


A selection of gears manufactured for our customers.


These gears and shaft were made for a big lathe of which the initial manufacturer no longer exists since 1980: turning diameter 480 mm, turning length 1500 mm


Repare the going barrel, the toothed we bild new and assambly.


This gears and shafts, for a smal machine for roadworks, we had produer. This parts ar not available in switzerland.


This steeringleg, bilong to a old tractor, revise and producer new bearings.


This door handle in the shape of a lion head and the badge were manufactured on our copy milling machine.


This doorbell has been made on our copy milling machine. It jingles when pulling and pressing.