A revision or restoration is a matter of trust.

Most of the pendulum clocks show signs of wear at the axial plugs and the bearing linings. We preserve and service your clocks after ethical and professional policies. We would be glad to counsel you for a revision. Bring the pendulum clock or the clockwork to our place. Otherwise we pick your pendulum clock up at your home and bring it back to its place and set it to work professionally.

We draw out the estimation of costs for the upcoming work for free. When revising a pendulum clock we dismantle the clockwork, clean and check it. The bearing linings get sharpened, polished or replaced. The bearing seats will be checked for the necessary clearance and if necessary they get bored up, new bearing bushes will be forced fitting and adapted.

Damaged pieces like gear wheels, bevels and others are checked, fixed or replaced. We can manufacture all spare parts in our workshop professionally. Every pendulum clockwork gets checked and adjusted during a one week test run.

In this way we guarantee perfect functioning of your pendulum clock.

We like to counsel you for a reasonable revision of your pendulum clock. Looking forward to your contact.






Sumiswalder wall clock, without strike. Revision


Atmos-Clock driven by temperature differences. Revision


Dutch wall clock with half- and full-hour strike. Restoration


Mechanical bird in a cage with vocals. Restoration


Neuenburger clock with quarter and full hour strik, date and repetition. Revision


Towerclock with half- and full-hour strik. We had made a restoration and added a automatc clockweithmouver to keep its woking. You can see it in the entrace of the college from Faoug.


Handrollingmill for plates and wire for goldsmith. We made a compette revision.